Tutorial Snare Drum

introduction. I have created this website to further the art and science of rudimental snare drumming. On this website, you will find a large collection of free snare ...

In this instructable I will be showing you how to build your very own Cajon box drum. We made 2 Cajon drums for under 50$, so around 25$ a piece. I will be entering...

Orange Crushin' It. An Orange Blaze Sparkle bass drum with Black hardware and a Black Sparkle snare drum with Orange hardware.

Description. Designed with a cardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control, the i5 all-purpose dynamic instrument microphone is equipped with a VLM ...

A decent-quality drum set that lasts for little money? This Gammon Drum Set Review shows you which Gammon kits deliver on this promise.

Pat Cupo examines the anatomy of a drum beat in the third installment of our Electronic Music Theory series.

Guitar Hero Drums as a real drum kit This is an old post that I have now moved over from my old WordPress site, but didn’t want to lose…. I’ve always wanted to ...

The third installment to the “New Atlanta” Kit series. This kit comes with 7 really dope snare patterns that make it easier for producers to produce.

With the bass section of your kit assembled, let's move to the snare. Placed to the left of the bass drum, the snare and its stand are slightly more complex.

In this Pearl Roadshow review, I will outline where the value lies in this particular set, and also how to make the most of your drum kit over time.

Sebene Snare Drum Tutorial Rhythm 1 Youtube

sebene snare drum tutorial rhythm 1

Sis Band Tutorial Snare Drum 10 9 8 Drill Youtube

sis band tutorial snare drum 10 9 8 drill

Hydro Dipping My Snare Drum Custom Painting Tutorial Youtube

hydro dipping my snare drum custom painting tutorial

Absrm Grade 3 Study Snare Drum Tutorial Youtube

absrm grade 3 study snare drum tutorial

Abrsm Grade 3 Snare Drum Lines 1 2 Tutorial Youtube

abrsm grade 3 snare drum lines 1 2 tutorial

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